Omaera being a pharmacist-driven business specializes in procurement of high quality pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. We procure, quote and ship your desired medications, equipment and over-the-counter (OTC) products with no delay. We are committed to fast, reliable service and hold our heads high as leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Our golden standard reputation depends on it; more importantly so do our customers. Through our comprehensive network and contacts, we are able to source for any products for our customers. We guarantee consistency in our product quality from the manufacturer to your hands, every time.

Our mission is to be a leader in the medical field by providing to our clients with quality equipment and reagents combined with quality services.

To avail quality medicines to all, with unsurpassed urgency and without being limited by location.


  • Trust – We believe trust is the building block of any relationship whether personal or professional.
  • Respect – Omaera has the ability to see the value in ourselves and more importantly in our customers.
  • Quality – Not only are our products of the highest quality but so is our customer service. Our customers can always expect nothing but the best. That is our guarantee.
  • High standards – Knowledge, training, education and quality control cannot be overlooked. It’s imperative that we maintain our standards at all times. You can be sure that Omaera Pharmaceuticals will always comply with all PPB guidelines and we consistently review all processes and procedures related to the integrity of our products.